What I Learned from my Grandparents

My grandmother and grandfather taught me to read and walk, respectively before pre-school. Everywhere, Everyday, Every time I needed to go somewhere. It may seem strange to put reading and walking in the same sentence as if they were similar but that's my intent, to imply that indeeed, they are similar because they both involve going somewhere mentally, physicaly, spiritualy

Pap's persistence, and his prescience, were unappreciated in the era before McMansion Hell, the Geography of Nowhere, and stroads.

Pap didn't have a driver's license. He didn't need one. Small town America had sidewalks and reasonable expectations.

My childhood could be understood by my obsessions with reading and walking.

What pap taught me as a child: walk everywhere, everyday, every time - stuck with me and morphed into cycling, running, and slow jogging.