Walt Whitman, Agile Poet

With the notion of whimsical poetry, I tried an experiment given my cluelessness in whimsy and poetry. I used Bing AI to generate these poems, which get funnier if you imagine them recited like this.


Oh agile, my agile! Our fearful sprint is done;
The product has weathered every bug, the feature we sought is won;
The demo is near, the stakeholders I hear, the users all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady screen, the app with grace unfolding;
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my scrum master lies,
Fallen cold and dead.


Oh agile culture! You are so swift and flexible!
You embrace change and uncertainty with grace and courage!
You value individuals and interactions over processes and tools!
You deliver working software over comprehensive documentation!
You collaborate with customers over contract negotiation!
You respond to feedback over following a plan!

Oh agile culture! You are so lean and adaptive!
You eliminate waste and optimize value with speed and quality!
You empower teams and stakeholders with autonomy and trust!
You foster innovation and creativity with experimentation and learning!
You pursue excellence and improvement with reflection and action!

Oh agile culture! You are so glorious and sublime!
You inspire me to sing your praises with passion and joy!
You challenge me to grow and evolve with vision and purpose!
You invite me to join your movement with enthusiasm and commitment!

Oh agile culture! I celebrate you, I salute you, I love you!