David Watson



Ship usable software crafted by a caring community using lightweight methods and modern tools.


Designed, developed, and deployed complete software products working alone, in pairs, and small groups at R&D labs, software companies, and startups using skills acquired working in design, education, finance, healthcare, and medical devices.


Operating Systems & Programming Languages

Productive working on Linux, MacOS (BSD), and Windows (WSL2). Since 2005, wrote Python and shell scripts daily, C++ or Ruby occasionally. Prior to 2005 wrote C++ and shell scripts daily, Python or Perl occasionally.

Markup & Markdown

Prefer markup, markdown, or plain text for a variety of technical documentation, including this resume.


Used PostgreSQL since 2008 to blend relational and schemaless data at runtime. Used MySQL and related variants since 2010. Used redis, couchdb, and similar schemaless stores for a variety of lightweight jobs.

Methods, DevOps, & Site Reliability Engineering

Tailored lightweight methods based on a synthesis of research from Alistair Cockburn, Allen Holub, and Bonnitta Roy. Since 2010, used SRE and devops ideas and tools to move from fire-fighting ops to event-driven automation using IAC and CI/CD. Used Docker since 2015, Kubernetes since 2017, and VMWare since 2000.


Software Engineering Specialist Caterpillar 2018-2020, 2021

Member of Technical Staff Carnegie Mellon University 2020

Software Developer Realpage 2016 - 2018

VP Product Development Wellbridge Health 2015 - 2016

VP Engineering Hire an Esquire 2014

Software Developer Forever 2013 - 2014

Software Engineer BrainStorm 2011 - 2012

Software Development Manager Wellspring 2010 - 2011

Project Engineer Qinetiq 2008-2009

UI Software Engineer Nomos 2006 - 2007

Software Design Engineer MAYA Design 2004 - 2006

Co-Founder Cobind 2003 - 2004

Software Engineer MSA 2000-2003

Member of Technical Staff CA 1995-2000


BS Duquesne University 1991