Using Logitech K830 with Barrier

If you're like me, you juggle computers, frequently using more than one computer at-a-time.

And you control those computers with a single keyboard and touchpad, which brings us to the subject of software KVM - the ability to control multiple physical GUI computers with a single keyboard and mouse shared over the network.

I've been running this way for so long that it's hard to imagine a more optimal way to work on more than one GUI machine that is not virtual, rather physical. Which brings me to barrier. Barrier is what synergy used to be: awesome and free, enabling me to run in exactly the three laptop setup that I did when I ran synergy years ago: Windows, MacOS, and Linux with a single shared keyboard and touchpad.

But there's only one problem.

The K830 for all of it's design brilliance has one near-fatal flaw: it cannot be configured for natural scroll out of the box in any easy way, like a preferences or settings GUI until very recently. Literally, you could not configure this touchpad to do natural scorlling on Windows prior to 2020 without resorting to a registry edit. And not just any registry edit - one that is so complex it may win an award for configuration_complexity.

The good news is that there is a fix: Logitech Options got this capability in 2020 but there is a bug to note relative to Logitech Options use with Barrier. That is, if you turn on Content tracks fingers under Point&Scroll in Logitech Options the touchpad will cease to function over Barrier on the client computers. I run barrier server on Windows so in my setup this was Mac and Linux that got a dead touchpad. However, this is easily solved by simply disabling Smooth Scrolling in Logitech Options and restarting.