About Me

I'm not a philosopher, a scientist, or an evangelist, but I am philosophical, scientific, and spiritual.

My habits include a steady diet of feasting, fasting, meditation... rowing, running, and yoga. Those habits used to include cycling: road-racing criteriums, getting hit by a car, years of mountain biking NH and WA while I was afraid to share the road with cars... when my courage finally recovered a decade later, I spent years as a daily, urban bicycle commuter.

Everything I know about driving I learned on a motorcycle. That applies to thousands of miles on a bicycle, tens of thousands on a motorcycle, and more than a million driving a car. I can't reclaim my twenties but I had hit 60 MPH on a bicycle by high school so I had mostly exhausted my road cycling nine lives before I graduated college. I might be hyperactive. Now, my urban commutes rely on the T. I love cars and motorcycles but I'll leave the driving to them to avoid traffic while enabling reading, writing, and reflecting concurrently in motion.

I enjoy vegetarian food, fresh ground coffee, and ceremonial matcha blended with powdered coconut milk and agave.



Practices software design, development, and deployment.


Launched a startup.


Speaks in tongues with computers by smashing concrete to pieces - abstract pieces comprising aphorisms.