2023: The Year of AI on the desktop

I hope it works out better than the year of linux on the desktop

2023 was the year that AI became not a constant companion, but a daily collaborator.

In 2023, the SOTA in search engines had regressed so much that they are barely usable.

If we learned anything between the death of alta vista and the long tail demise of google, it's that the pursuit of everything commercial and social at the cost of human well-being is detrimental to our progress.

Fortunately, in response, AI matured to fill the black hole that was created by the regression of search engines, much the way google filled that gap when alta vista drown under its own weight two or three decades ago.

So my post-modern work style is to use some form of AI as a daily collaborator for learning: reading, writing, and reflecting while the flood of information goes vertical.