Intense Inquisitive Interlocutors

In the spirit of code golf, this made me chortle:

for (__,v) in enumerate(('tense', 'quisitive', 'terlocutors')): print(f'in{v} ', end='')

    intense inquisitive interlocutors

Obviously, what we've learned in the age of AI writing code, is that AI learned to write code by reading it.

More importantly, beyond Guido's insight about reading more code than we write being correct, we've learned as we interact with AI by prompt-engineering with attempts at literate programming, our entire ability to reach the conclusion of our intent to master the AI writing code for us depends on our ability not just to write code, but to test, debug, integrate, and deploy code successfully into our own local context.

Yep, AI isn't able to do all that for you - yet.

And that's because its own cognitive model is so primitive that its mind is nowhere near the standard established in Julian Jaynes The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. That is, current consumer AI can't even pose a question to itself as part of a bicameral Q&A, answer that question in its own mind, and return to the root question's resultant veracity, without losing its mind.